Save a trip to the bank. By using Popmoney, you can send money to your child at college, send a gift to family and friends, pay back a friend for lunch, pay your babysitter, or pay rent to your landlord.


Popmoney is a personal payment service that allows you to “Pay Other People” (POP) securely. All you need is the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number. You can also receive or request money electronically.
Already enrolled in Online Bill Pay? It’s just as easy to use Popmoney
• Login to Online Banking
• Click Quick Pay Zone
• Click Popmoney tab

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Popmoney FAQ

Popmoney is an easy, fast and secure online personal payment service that lets you send, receive, and request money electronically.

Pay your landlord, babysitter, your cousin, or your co-worker. People are using Popmoney to pay for things like shared phone bills, paying back a friend for lunch or sending money to your child at college.

If you are enrolled in Personal Online Banking and Bill Payment, then you are automatically enrolled in Popmoney.

Access Popmoney by logging on to Online Banking and click on the Popmoney tab within Bill Pay.

To send money you will provide Popmoney with the recipient’s email address, mobile phone number or account information. You will be notified when the money has been sent.

The Popmoney website is regularly scanned for security vulnerabilities by Versign and Popmoney privacy and security procedures are certified by TRUSTe. Popmoney uses one-time verification codes that are sent to the recipient’s mobile device or email address where the payment notification was sent to prevent an unauthorized person from fraudulently claim someone else’s payment.

All you need is the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number.

For Next Day, the daily limit is $250.00 and for Standard (3 business days), it is $5,000.00.

Payments cannot be delivered outside the United States.

You can only send money from a checking account.

This depends on the delivery option selected by the sender. If the sender has selected Standard delivery, then the recipient will receive the funds 3 business days after accepting the payment. If the sender has selected Next Day delivery, then the recipient will receive the funds 1 business days after accepting the payment.

Their mobile carrier may not support receiving text messages from Popmoney. The recipient should contact their carrier to resolve this issue.

No, your bank account information will not be shared with the recipient. Your recipient will see your first name, last name, and the message you wrote for the payment; if you sent the payment to your contact’s email address, your recipient will also see your email address. Similarly, you won’t be able to see your recipient’s bank account information.

Verification of your email address and phone number is required for security reasons. Entering the correct verification codes ensures that you have access to your email and phone. You may also be asked to verify your mobile phone in the future to send and receive payments.

You have 10 days from the send date to deposit the payment. When a payment expires, the funds are returned to the sender. Please contact your sender to request another payment if you still wish to receive the funds.

You can send money to someone using his/her:

• Email address: your contact will receive an email with instructions on how to direct the payment into his or her bank account.

• Mobile number: a text message will be sent to the recipient on your behalf with instructions on how to direct the payment into his or her bank account. If the recipient does not respond to the payment notification after 3 days, a reminder text message will be sent on your behalf to the recipient reminding them to act on the payment notification. You may want to tell your contact that standard Message and Data rates may apply.

• Bank account information (routing and account number): the money will be directly deposited into your contact’s bank account. You will also have the option to send the contact an email.

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