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Have account information at your fingertips right when you're ready for it. Free, online eStatements are just like paper statements, except more convenient, environmentally-friendly, and secure.

Account information is easier to retrieve when needed. More importantly, your info is more secure. The less paper trail you leave for identity thieves, the better you can avoid being a victim of fraud.



• Free, secure convenience for GRCB personal and business customers
• Access important details at any time that's convenient for you, available via online banking
• Receive automatic emails alerting you when a new statement is available
• Enhanced security; prevent your private information from getting into the wrong hands via the mail circulation
• Increased organization; no paper storage hassles or paper waste
• Avoid time spent searching for a past statement or waiting on a new one
• More environmentally-friendly than the paper alternative
• Easily view, print, save, and archive for later review